Jungian analyst Dragutin Vučković

Jungian analyst in Croatia

Jungian analyst in Croatia

Jungian analyst Dragutin Vučković earned his diploma at C. G. Jung Institute Zürich, Küsnacht, Switzerland.

Before studying analytical psychology, he studied physics and economy in Zagreb. He is a member of International Association for Analytical Psychology, analyst of C. G. Jung Institute Dallas, accredited analyst of C. G. Jung Institute and president of Croatian Association for Analytical Psychology.

He works in private practice near Zagreb, Croatia, lectures and writes a blog about analytical psychology.

If you live in Croatia, do not speak Croatian and are interested in doing Jungian analysis or Jungian oriented psychotherapy in English, feel free to contact us.

At CAAP, except individual analysis and psychotherapy, we also offer participation in a dream group in English and Croatian language. We prefer meeting live, but Skype is a possibility in certain cases.

You can reach us at:

Croatian Association for Analytical Psychology
Zagrebačka 30, Klinča Sela

10450 Jastrebarsko, Croatia

Mob: +385 95 8293 446
E-mail: info@hdap.hr

Facebook: facebook.com/hdap.hr